Cookies and Privacy

Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to remember the user. For example, cookies are used to remember what is in a user’s shopping cart when he is shopping online. They also help us improve user experience on our site. You can read more about cookies below.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to learn how we can give you a better experience on our website. Google Analytics shows us anonymous information about how our site is used, and gives us insight into whether or not our visitors find what they are looking for.

To prevent Google Analytics from collecting information, you can opt-out of Google Analytics.

Blocking all cookies

By changing your browser settings, you can stop all cookies from being stored on your machine. However, many features of websites will cease to work whenever cookies are required for identification purposes. For example, online shopping without cookies is not easy.

How to avoid cookies completely, depends on the browser you use. Consult the website of the supplier of your browser for more information.

How do I delete cookies?

You can delete cookies at all times. Furthermore, cookies will be automatically deleted after a certain time. This time frame varies and depends of the type of cookie.

The below list shows links to instructions for deleting cookies in the most common browsers:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
iPhone, iPad
Windows 7 on mobile devices

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